Monday, June 9, 2014

Musica Monday

Ever had one of those days/nights where no matter what you know nothing is going to get done? Well, I've been having a few of those lately, and it has lead me to watching a bunch of cheezy romantic movies and finding music and shows and books that appeal to me at such a late hour. I should preface this by stating that this usually happens around 9pm, and the not being able to get anything done encompasses going to sleep. Lately, I've been writing while watching these cheezy romantic movies, and one of my favorites has become 'Slightly Single in L.A.' which is definitely a movie that I would recommend for anyone looking for a romantic comedy to watch. This movie follows a young woman who moves to L.A. after her past three relationships ended in cheating (sad sounding I know, but it's quite amusing none the less), anyways she heads out to L.A., lives with her best friend (who is awesome) and hangs out with her crazy friends. There is a new love interest again (well a few...) and while this movie portrays personal trainers as self-centered and pompous, the musician she knows is quite sweet. This is where my music for today's Musica Monday comes from. This song is by the 'Aaron Hendra Project' called 'Walk With Angels'. Listen and enjoy, my friends.

The CD that includes this song, Octobersong, was just released a month ago on iTunes and includes other songs such as 'Alive', 'U', and 'One Man's War (feat. Children of Shekinah Children's Village, Nimule, South Sedan', which is an amazing song with the voices of actual children from South Sedan who have been rescued that gives me chills, but is such an inspiring and brilliant song! I don't think I can give a good enough summary of this song without having you watch this video and listen to the words he sings.

Enjoy and peace, friends!
Sara :)

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