About The Backup Zone

The Backup Zone started out (and for the most part remains to this day) a journal/lifestyle blog that allowed Sara to share with the world what she was thinking and what she found interesting. She wanted to work on her writing and just to try and figure out more about herself and the world around her with this blog. This blog was originally called Flying Fishies and Swimming Birdies, but since the email it was connected to was deleted when Sara graduated college, she switched over to this blog and attempted to start over. While she never claims to be an amazing blogger or even a very knowledgeable one, she has learned a lot just in the past few years or so of having this blog, and that is how we learn!

She is helped by Matt, who is a guest blogger as well as the man in charge of the layout. As an artist, he has a unique and fresh point of view on life and is a valuable and supportive reader and critic of The Backup Zone. Not only that, he keeps Sara sane as they go through life, trying to figure out everything!

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