Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Something that I Started Long ago...

So, I used to rock climb like every weekend when I was back at school. However, since finals I haven't climbed at all and I find myself missing the feeling of being a monkey. One of my friends from home climbs and is belay certified. We decided (last night) that we are going to go climbing together over this weekend at some point. I will try to get pictures from then but we shall see what happens, plans do tend to change quite a bit when I'm supposed to be "in charge" (meaning I'm driving).
If you are from the Milwaukee area and are interested in rock climbing or any otehr activity they have here is the website. It's called Turner Hall, and it's pretty awesome and offers courses for beginners and then on up from there. This will be my first time going there for rock climbing, but I've heard good things! Also a fact: children have to be 8 years old in order to climb and must be accompanied by children when under 14 years. They also do groups and parties.
Rock climbing (I'm gonna be excited for a bit :P) is really quite awesome! I mean it is a work out and your arms and legs (and core) should feel well worked after you finish a few climbs. I really look forward to rock climbing when I do cause it's always a lot of fun, not only that but you get to meet so many interesting people, some who have never rock climbed before and others who are pros and will go out ot actual rocks to climb instead of just the plastic ones in the gyms, then there are the people like me who are somewhere in between. I would love to be able to go out and have the confidence to climb actual rock walls, but for now I will just stick with learning how to belay and climbing on the plastic walls. Whatever works for each person though.

Thats all for now,
Go out and try to climb something, even if it is just running around on a playground and jumping over the fences and playing on all the monkey bars! Whatever it is it's exercise and you feel like a freakin monkey!
Do it!!
Sara :)

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