Thursday, April 11, 2013

Athletic Achievement: Backhand Spring

I've gotten really excited about this, sorry it's another short post, but I did a backhand spring today!! :D After MAC (Martial Arts Club), and it felt awesome, though again I'm missing gymnastics. It's amazing what a bit of confidence can do, I wasn't able to continue onto the competition level in gymnastics because I couldn't master this one move: the backhand spring. And I feel like I'm not even in as good of shape as I was back in middle school and high school (though I'm getting back there, slowly but surely) I think it was just the confidence I had in myself to do it and I did! :D

Lesson learned today: You'd be amazed what confidence can do! Also, don't procrastinate too tend to regret it....stupid thesis paper thing :P

Also, there's still snow and it is still snowing!

Sara :)

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