Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Musica from the Library

Alright, so due to the fact that I have a research paper, a project, and two final exams this week I am pretty much living in the library for a while. Tonight is an example of one of those nights. As one person commented about an hour ago, "weren't you here four hours ago?" Then winced when I said I hadn't moved and proceeded to give me a cookie :D. Sorry funny little story I wanted to share! anyways, instead of putting up just a single song for you by a single group, for this musica Monday, I will send you to my Pandora profile and invite you at see what I listen to :) I highly recommend the Piano Men station for studying, it works super well for me!
My name is: samodahl. Go check it out!
Wish me luck on finals :D any of you taking them, I wish you luck as well!
Happy Monday!
Sara :)

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