Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sending Out My Thoughts!

Alright, so I admit that I'm not exactly one who keeps regularly updated with current events, but there are some that I think really deserve attention! This is one of those posts where I will express my opinion and if you don't want to hear it, then don't read it. But I hope that you do read it because I think that everyone is entitled to their opinion and it should be heard.
I'm sure most of you in the United States have heard about the tragedy of the Connecticut shooting. For those of you who haven't, there was a shooting this past Friday at an elementary school in Connecticut, killing 28 people total, 20 were children under the age of 10. I see no reason why this would be acceptable and am shocked that something like this would actually happen! Anyways, I wanted to send out my thoughts and any prayers they would accept from me!
Sara :)

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