Monday, March 25, 2013

NYC Day 1

Starting today until Friday my posts will be a bit different. It's Family Vacation time, where are we going? NYC!!
Our day started with us checking in at 7 am, and then headed to Chili's for breakfast. I have decided that Chili's is more for lunch/dinner... On the other hand the white chocolate mocha I had after tasted much better, and held my coffee fix for the morning. I hate to admit it but I do have mornings when I just really need a coffee to pick me up!

We arrived in NYC's LaGuardia airport a little early. And proceeded to wait until a car could come and pick us up to go to our hotel. Our hotel was pretty sweet! Two full sized beds for three if us, and helpful employees who assist with directions :D
We tried to go up to the top of the Rockefeller tower, but were told to come back tomorrow morning because we would be able see off the top floor. We then attempted to get a tour with NBC Studios but learned (after running around the building) that they are sold out thorough Thursday, so if we don't tour the Sony Tech Lab on Friday morning, we may try and tour NBC! We shall see. We ended up hanging out around the Rockefeller center, doing some window shopping, and then got dinner. I got Chinese from a place called Manchu Wok, and it was pretty good.

Our last stop of the day was Carnegie Hall! It was pretty amazing to be able to sit in the theatre while listening to a full concert. It started out as a middle school choir concert and then moved up until we heard the New York Chamber Orchestra and a few professional opera singers (at least we thought so) and we got back to the hotel around 11 pm. Making today a very long day! But a fun day! I look forward to a few more days here in the city :D

Sara :)

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