Monday, March 11, 2013

Musica Monday

Hey guys,
So it's been crazy around here for the past week and I am feeling terrible about not posting, but that's what tomorrow after class is for :P I plan to get a good post up here tomorrow! You will have to excuse my poor writing skills right now, I'm working on compacting everything....thanks to a 2 page paper that is due tomorrow...that is 2 pages, doubles spaced about women in Ancient Rome. I normally don't complain too much about the length of my papers, however, for this one, I am wishing he had allowed us 3 pages because 2 pages just aren't enough!
Anyways, music this week is from Olly Murs, called 'Troublemaker'. I really enjoy both this song as well as the music video. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do, and yes, I might have pre-ordered his CD coming out later this month (?I believe?). Let me know what you think! And I also wanted to update that I'm thinking of taking a few years off after undergrad (I graduate in MAY!!!! WTF!!!???!) and saving up money before traveling Europe for a while then coming back and possibly grad school otherwise figuring out my life from there :P I'll keep you updated on that plan (may never happen, considering I don't want to travel alone...). Anyways, music!

Sara :)

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