Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Hideaway

For the past two weekends, I have been spending some off time at a café downtown in Northfield called The Hideaway. A friend invited me last weekend and we have since decided to head there most Saturdays for cards and coffee.
The place is cute, a sort of retro look to lots of it, not to mention it serves really good coffee and lattes! Not to mention this was the first place I had an actual Cubano, which I must say if you are looking for a pretty tasty expresso buzz, this is what you want to have! It was quite delicious. There are two sections, if you will, inside of it, the front part, which has wifi and comfy couch-like chairs, and the back part, has mis-matched chairs and retro tables. We tend to sit in the back, or have the past two times we have gone and have played cards there. Quite a lot of fun if you ask me :P

What kinds of places do you guys go to in order to escape your life? This is our place to get off of campus and not do work (usually).
Sara :)

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