Monday, August 12, 2013

Musica Monday

I've spent enough time on YouTube looking at different artists that some of my recommended songs have become something other than anime and mainstream pop. Today was one such example. One of my recommended videos was entitled "VanLadyLove - Neverland (Lost Boys Remix)", my first thought: Peter Pan? So, I clicked on it and listened. The video was artistic, a little odd, but to my liking! And the music was quite wonderful! Much more acoustic than some of the things I have been listening to recently, which is a nice twist. There aren't many songs out by these guys as of yet, the other one I found that was an original by them is called "Maybe Not Forever". Their covers are also quite lovely, a distinct acoustic that is very pleasing to the ear. These guys I think are definitely someone to watch! Enjoy!

Sara :)

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