Monday, August 26, 2013

Musica Monday

Wanting to be accepted is part of being human. This starts to become especially apparent when we are in middle school, when we first really witness cliques and friend groups forming. I'm sad to report that I have seen this begin even before in elementary school, because it has become less important for kids to accept people because of who they are and more important for them to fit into the accepted social group. Obviously I feel there is a problem with this, but I really did not want to go into this because I'm not sure when I would stop. I was bullied and I know many of you probably were too.
But what if we forget about being accepted? What if instead of submitting to this status quo that never leaves (seriously, high school never ends....another great song btw!) us, and instead we stay ourselves and stick with those who love us for who we are? I've been helping a friend over the past few years get through a few guys who have been complete jerks to her and before she found her current significant other it was hard and she found that people were weirded out by who she was when she acted hyper or childish one minute but then professional and smart the next. It took a while but she has found someone who loves her for who she is, no strings attached or anything like that. This is where I have found myself for the past year and I am happy and super content to stay right here where I am :). I think Nick Jonas wraps it up quite well in this song. And yes, Nick Jonas, one of the Jonas Brothers, he's got an awesome voice! Enjoy people!

Sara :)

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