Friday, August 30, 2013

Books Books Books: The Fault in our Souls Review

Alright, your resident bookworm is back, after two failed attempts at finishing books before their due dates...yea, not exactly proud of that. Anyways, her redemption: reading one book in a little more than 3 hours. Yes, 3 hours, and I know what happened in the book and I got attached enough to the characters that I nearly started to cry, and that takes a lot from me! (Random note: you know you're a bookworm when you get more emotionally attached to the characters in a book than ones in a movie...I've cried more for characters in books than for any in movies.) What book was this that kept my attention so well that I was able to read over 300 pages in just over 3 hours? To be fair, it is a New York Times Bestseller by John Green, called The Fault in our Stars. Here's my review for this book:

"This book was an attention grabber for me starting at the beginning. The eloquent and highly logical way all the teens spoke was made even better with their no bullshit attitude and a sense of humor that quite matched my own. I found myself turning the pages even before I got out of the library and finishing it within a few hours. A wonderful read that ends in a tear-jerker, John Green's writing held me for the entire story wanting more! Is there more?"

Honestly, if there's another I'd be game for reading it! There were at least 10 copies of this book at my local library, so go check your library I'm sure there will be something there! :) I give it five stars out of five for sure!!

Happy reading!
Sara :)

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