Sunday, September 1, 2013

Books Books Books: Buttons and Foes (Mandy Dyer Mystery, Book 6)

So, before I go into this book review (yea! I'm on a roll right now as far as book reviews and reading in general goes! woot!!) I really need to make a correction about my previous book review. I wrote the title in wrong!!! It is The Fault in Our Stars NOT souls! My apologies go out to anyone who was offended by this or who noticed this...I'm so sorry! I promise that I will do my very best to ensure that this will not happen ever again!

Moving on, I just finished a book (this Sunday) called Buttons and Foes. I picked it up because it sounded interesting at the library and the other books that I was looking to read were no where to be found in my library. I did finally get around to ordering the second Phryne Fisher book and that should be in and I will pick it up next chance I get to go to the library (which is now closed until Tuesday :c) called Flying Too High. But I'm getting off topic, this book that I just finished was one that I rated as being alright, not my favorite but not too bad. I gave it three out of five stars on Goodreads and here's my review:

"Mandy was the type of character who could, at points of the story, annoy me to no end, but in the end she was always right when it came to her suspicions and even if non of the men (and yes, the majority seemed to be men...) around her supported her in her endeavors to learn the identity of her loyal customer's murder. The story was predictable but was well put together and ok. The opinion might be a bit off considering I realized just now that I started with the 6th book in the on my part..."

Yes, that was all in my review. I hope that you all find this helpful or at least a bit amusing considering I made such an amateur mistake as not checking the order of the series! I feel quite silly about that whole bit... Well, my cat is begging to be given attention so I shall scurry off to play with him a bit before he breaks my computer....sigh. I hope that you all are reading good books and having a good back to school time! It's so weird not going back to school this year....huh....weird!

Sara :)

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