Monday, December 16, 2013

Musica Monday

I have been seriously slacking lately and I am so sorry for that! On another note, I bring to you a video that made me smile and made me wish that I could do a color run/run around and throw chalk/dry paint at my friends. Seriously, not only is the video awesome, but the song is pretty awesome itself! It's called "The City" by Madeon. I would love to see these guys in concert cause I really an enjoying their music!

On another not, I am taking my test on Thursday and as long as I pass, then my stress will be greatly diminished, meaning I will once again have time for stuff in my life! Think of it like finals, and I have one last one on Thursday, which, if passed (just like school) means that my stressing is over! :D I'm trying to not think about how this test could decide my future but 'tis quite difficult...wish me luck!

Anywho! Back to the music! I hope that you enjoy both this video and the music that goes with it! I'm going to go and review some more and take a practice test.

Love you all,
Sara :)

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