Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Secret Santa

This is the first of my holiday posts, there will be several this month because I really love this time of year. Also, because I really want to share things with you all or as many people as read this :P
When I was in younger, me and my cousins used to do a secret santa sort of thing for Christmas. Grandma used to say that it would encourage us to talk to each other and that it was fun, but honestly I think it was also just a way for her to ensure that we all actually came to Christmas, wherever it was being held that year. It was always a bit rigged because our parents would agree on who should get what gift for whom because of ages and shopping interest. Anyways, we stopped doing that about four or five years ago simply because there was no longer a consistent amount of cousins that would come to Christmas each year.
This year, me and five friends have decided to bring back this idea and are having our very own version of a Secret Santa, and I am super excited!! :D It's a lit of fun and a great way to test yourself on how well you know your friends or family! In order to pick someone and keep it a secret, we ended up writing out a list of what we wanted and putting our names on the top, then folding them up and dropping them into a stocking, where we each pulled out one name. Obviously, you pull your own name, put it back and try again. We are doing our exchange December 14th (I think) so I have until then to figure out what to get one of my friends.
As in any good girl's night in, there were also board games and wine involved. Ideal? I think so :)

Sara :)

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