Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Achievement Unlocked: First Apartment!!

It's official! Morgan and I have gotten our first apartment!! It is all still a bit surreal, we are finalizing a date to move in (probably during March, which is about 3 months earlier than I was originally planning, but I won't complain) but are both super excited. We got quite lucky with where we are ending up, because we will be in a safe area, with both our jobs within 15-25 minutes, which is one of the reasons we decided on moving in the first place. There is also a swimming pool, an exercise room, and tennis courts at this place which are all just an added bonus! I can't wait to get my feet wet and see if I'm still as bad at tennis as I used to be :P (I was not good!).
On the other hand, looking at this change means several other things that make life more interesting. For instance, financially, this is going to be a journey all it's own. I won't be traveling for really much at all for a while because we will be a bit tight on money. We understood that fact when we applied for the apartment and thought about it for a few days before. Also, this means that we are on our own, and other than college, neither of us have done this before. I am farther from Matt for now too, which is simply quite sad because we had gotten used to seeing each other and only having to drive like 15 minutes. But hopefully this will be a step in the right direction for the both of us.
I will let you know when we figure out our move in date, but for now I'm still letting everything sink in. This reminds me that I really need to get a new camera....I'm still not sure what kind I even want...ugh! 

Another mark for this week, we had a day this past week where it was in the 40s!!! Come on guys, Wisconsin is freaking cold like 30% of the year and there's construction 80% (yes, they do overlap).It's been a great week, eventful, and full of information and self-discovery. I've gotta work on this organization stuff...I'm getting better but it's just not good enough yet. But there's always something for everyone to work on and for me it's organization. :)

I'm super excited to start getting things ready for moving! I'm nervous as all hell! But so freaking excited as well!!

Sara :)

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