Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fun Facts about 'Broken Blossoms or The Yellow Man and The Girl' (1919 film)

Every Monday night my American Film History class meets to watch a different movie. Since I got into the fun facts over interim, I figured why not continue them this semester? So, here's my first one!

The movie we watched this past Monday was a D.W. Griffith film starting Lillian Gish (one of America's first movie stars) as Lucy/the Girl, Richard Barthelmess as The Yellow Man, and Donald Crisp as Battling Burrows. And so begin the fun facts :P

~It was selected to the National Film Registry in the Library if Congress in 1996.
~Lillian Gish did not originally want to make this film, but agreed after some convincing from D.W. Griffith, later saying that she was glad to have done it.
~During the famous closet scene, Gish's performance/display of terror had seemed so real that it frightened Griffith who hadn't expected her to put on such a dramatic and convincing performance. Her screams had seemed so real that they caused people from other sets to become concerned and actually had to be prevented from barging into the set in order to 'save' her.
~In order to make Barthelmess appear oriental, a tight rubber band was stretched across his face, hidden by his hat, it caused his facial features to be pulled upwards slightly, no other makeup was used (maybe this is why we can all tell he isn't oriental at all...).
~Gish was in her late 20s when shooting for this film, only 11 years younger than Crisp, who played her father.

I hope you all enjoyed it!! Again I get this information from imdb, and my professor, so no copyright anything intended :P
I hope you guys have had a great week! And shout out to Matt for doing the past Musica Monday!
Sara :)

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