Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sickness :( and Climbing Update (finally)

I seem to be getting sick quite a bit this year :( It's only February and already I've been sick twice! That's my issue currently, I've had a headache that's been come and go for a while now, a sore throat, and ears that won't stop popping, plus it snowed (YAY!!) so I also have a runny and stuffy nose :P I guess it's just not really my time of year :P
Sorry for the lame excuse and for not doing a music post yesterday :( I think yesterday was probably the first time I have missed a Musica Monday!! I don't like that idea, I'd rather I never missed it! I promise that I will try and get better at doing this, I mean I was on a roll for a while, but kinda lost it.

Also, I have a quick climbing update (haven't had one of those in a while :P). I started my rock climbing class yesterday, and though we didn't do too much yet, we did bolder and I found that I have forgotten what it is like to start from the very beginning and to not understand the basics of rock climbing. We talked about the proper gear for climbing, and I'm actually thinking about doing my seminar paper (pretty much a senior thesis) on the varying injuries between beginning and advanced climbers. I haven't decided yet, but right now I think that might be where I am going :)

Anyways, I hope that you are all not sick, because that would suck :( If you are, feel better! I will attempt to do the same thing myself, and have a great week!
Sara :)

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