Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reasons Why I'm a Geek 1

Since I've been in high school, I've been into different science fiction, anime, and other ideas considered 'geeky'. And I will freely admit that I am a Geek! But you want some actual proof? Well, I will probably have a few of these posts throughout the time I blog. To start off I will start with a show called Doctor Who, a classic. Doctor Who is a BBC TV show that has been running since forever ago. OK, not really, but the original TV show did start back in 1963, with their first episode and first 'Doctor'. The show follows the adventures of the 'last' Time Lord, an alien who looks human, who travels throughout space and time in his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space), which looks like a blue police box, causing trouble and solving problems, trying to make the universes safer places to live in. While he attempts to not cause trouble, it seems inevitable for this man and his 'companions', usually Earth humans who travel along with the Doctor for a season or two.
The Doctor himself changes his appearance every once in a while, usually when he gets hit by a particularly deadly beam that would normally kill any human, but just causes the Doctor to regenerate. The current Doctor is played by Matt Smith, who portrays the doctor as a quirky, energetic man who wears a bow tie and suspenders. Matt Smith plays the eleventh Doctor in a very long line of them. I would encourage anyone who enjoys adventure, humor, action, or science fiction to check out this show! It is really a fun show, some episodes are creepy, while others are more humorous and quirky.

Getting on to my geeky-ness! First off, these are my keys:

Second off, this my keychain that has to do with Doctor Who. One of the Doctor's arch rivals is called a Dalek. They are considered 'pure evil', and Matt got me a model of one of them that is a bottle opener :D
Alright, that explanation was a bit lackluster, but I'm really struggling with how I can explain what a Dalek is. You really have to watch the show in order to understand, because they are pure evil, but they are also just empty, so they are just sort of confused at the same time, and can be implemented with human emotions to give them emotions. In other words, it's complicated. :P

So that was my geeky-ness :) I hope you all enjoyed! Or in the least, learned a bit more about me and might have gotten interested in a new show. I hope you guys had a good weekend and have a good start to a new week!
Sara :)

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