Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Grip Strength

In my quest to collect whatever I can that will help me physically to do what I want to do, I was lead to a device commonly used by everyone from rock climbers to martial artists to hunters. That's right! I got myself a grip master! This really means that I am going to try and increase my finger and thumb strength, because I've been noticing that my grip strength really isn't that good at all. It has been getting better just from climbing, but now since we don't have as much time to go climbing (we don't go nearly every weekend anymore :( now it's more like once a month?) I was looking for something that could help, especially during winter. Unfortunately (or fortunately, I'm not sure yet), I got the 'heavy tension' version (which is the black one FYI) and did not even realize it! Wish me luck with that...

Oh! I also just made my first purchase from Threadless and am super excited to show off what I got!! Hopefully they are awesome and I can use one with this skirt I have that I don't have a shirt for :P

Sara :)

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