Thursday, January 23, 2014

History Lesson: Theory of Nun

Egyptian Mythology is probably one of my favorite mythologies. Norse and Greek and Roman aren't far away, but Egyptian was the first mythology that caught my interest. Maybe it is because the gods and goddesses are so numerous and so interesting looking. Well, I'll be doing some talking about Egyptian mythology every so often here, but for today I want to talk about the theory of Nun.
Nun was the father of the gods, also called 'Nu' or chaos. Unlike other gods, Nun was a purely intellectual concept, meaning there were (and are) no temples or worshipers. The theory of Nun is the Egyptian theory of the beginning of humankind. The theory is the idea that there was a primordial ocean with no surface that completely filled the entire universe. This ocean started retreating and in this process it leaves little pools which are the basics of life as we know it.
What do you think? I thought this was cool and I'm adding it to my storytelling book that I'm working on (one of those projects that I'm not sure I will ever get done, but I've always wanted to write a book).
Also, a big thanks to Matt for having my back and producing an awesome Musica Monday on Monday :) you're awesome!!!!

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