Monday, January 6, 2014

Musica Monday

Over the past several days, I've had Pandora on quite a bit, and honestly there haven't been a lot of upbeat peppy songs (other than Pitch Perfect) and it's gotten a bit tiring honestly. I understand that it is -13 outside (believe me, I went to work in it!), but that seems like it should be even more of a reason to listen to more upbeat music.
I've been listening to The Cab for a while now, found them on Pandora incidentally, while listening to my Olly Murs station. This song, 'Intoxicated', quickly became one of my favorites by them and I have always enjoyed listening to it. I think it describes love quite well. Well, the love that I know, especially the more you realize that that one person is really the one that you could see yourself with. I honestly feel intoxicated at times by his presence, and I feel like I wouldn't be happy with anyone else. I'm not sure I would compare him to a shot of whiskey but, eh, you get the idea anyways :P

Sara :)

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