Thursday, March 6, 2014

Current Reads

I did manage to get started on a few of the books that I posted last week. Mainly, I'm reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer whenever I'm passing time outside of my house and My So-Called Freelance Life: How to Survive and Thrive as a Creative Professional for Hire by Michelle Goodman. So far, these two books are quite interesting, but let me start with Foer's book.

I can normally go through interesting non-fiction in not too long, however with Eating Animals, I've found that I need to put it down every so often and take a deep breath. I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting from this book, but what I got wasn't it. Don't get me wrong! It is a well written and interesting book, but it is hard to read at times and that makes the book itself difficult, but I also can't seem to just drop it. Like I said it is well written and Mr. Foer is a very smart man, so I find myself wanting to finish out this journey with him as he learns more about where our food comes from.

Michelle Goodman's book is the other end of the scale for me. Since I am reading it before bed, I don't go through it nearly as fast as some of my other books because I'm already tired when I'm starting to read it. But from what I've read so far, I really want to drop one of my day jobs and pick up some sort of art or freelance writing just because I love doing it so much and she is very much a follow your dreams kind of writer. I love that she never once says that following what you want to do is going to be easy, in fact it will probably be the opposite, with many hardships and 'doh' moments along the way, but if it means you get to do what you love, wouldn't it be worth it? I recognize some of her ideas as parts of my personal training job, my boss has even mentioned before that if she didn't have to make a living, she wouldn't charge people for personal training because it's just something she feels that passionate about! How cool is that?! I love talking to people who are that passionate about what they do! I hope to someday be as passionate as they are!

I've been writing a lot lately, but I hope you guys don't mind because I guess it's a sort of release for me as well. I'm working on a piece concerning why I blog and hopefully that should be out in not too long so you can understand a little more about me :)

Sara :)

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