Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dreams: Ideas and Traveling

Sometimes I get ideas. Ok, I get lots of ideas and many of them float through my head and are stored way back in a distant, cobweb-filled corner of my brain to most likely never be seen again. However, some ideas stick with me and no matter what they don't ever seem to really leave. These are only emphasized by me finding people who share my ideas and who are equally as enthusiastic to try and someday put them into action. Now that's the key word: someday. I feel like half of my ideas get thrown out because of a lack of time or money or the drive (honestly I can get pretty lazy some days). However, I have been talking to people especially lately because I was suddenly put back in contact with friends I haven't talk to since I'm not sure when. What happened? Facebook and I had a birthday, and what happens? All those friends you used to talk to send you messages saying 'Happy Birthday! I miss you! We should get together! Where are you now?' I don't mean to sound mocking, but it seems to be what we all end up expecting when our birthdays come around and we go of Facebook. Well, this year I actually went through and answered all of the people that I never talked to and tried to catch up with the ones that I could. I had a lengthy discussion with a friend from Washington about going out and visiting her and another with a high school friend who is now in California (what?!) and moving to New York next year (sweet!). It was actually pretty fun!

Now I'm getting ahead of myself. Back to my ideas. I have these ideas and one big one that I've had for years was to travel to all 50 states and to as many countries around the world as possible. I currently have a severe case of wanderlust! As Matt and my relationship has progressed, we have learned quite a bit about each other and one thing that we both really want to do is travel. When I shared this idea with him, he was super supportive as long as he could come along, which I have absolutely no problem with! Anyways, this is where talking to long lost friends comes in. I talked to this friend in Washington, and I think Matt and I might be going out to Washington for a visit later this summer or this fall if possible! I am super excited to get this traveling started! I know we are still young, but there is just so much out there to see and do and we want to do so much that we better get started soon!

With our first few stops consisting of Chicago, Minneapolis, and possibly Washington (random, but hopefully it works!) I can't wait to see what other adventures the future holds!

What sorts of adventures do your lives have? Remember adventures don't have to be traveling to a foreign country or even to another state, an adventure is whatever you make it and it can really be anything! So, go forth, and be adventurers!

Sara :)

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