Monday, April 21, 2014

Good Ol' Musica Monday

Oh hello there folks! This Monday (sorry it is a bit late, I am writing this as soon as I got home from work) I wish to share some music with you!  This week I am using the song Love Me Again by John Newman.  I heard this song a few weeks ago on YouTube, and despite being a bit late to the train, I really dig it!  Here is the link so you can listen while reading:

So yea...I really like his voice.  I am just amazed at the many little alterations he does while he sings.  I find it to be rather unique, but I understand that is up for argument.  Any-who, I also like the song because of the lyrics and the emotion he puts behind it.  And I find his dancing rather  classy.  Maybe I should take dance lessons...well that is a project for another day!  Well I will keep this short and simple, so thanks for reading and listening :D If you liked it, cool! If not, tell me why.  And either way, have a great day! 

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