Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Apartment and Hopsital Visit

This week has been absolutely crazy! We moved into our new apartment on Saturday and are very pleased with how it looks (there will be a post geared more towards this as we continue to move in and get stuff situated, and when I have a camera that works...) and feels as far as being a 'home'. However, I have not stayed here every night. I had planned on being a bit better with posting since I moved and had less driving time, and that started off great with Monday, but I woke up Tuesday morning covered in hives and went to the walk-in clinic which was not very helpful and found myself in the ER Wednesday morning at 3am, with swollen hands, feet, face, and large hives all over my body. In order to stop the swelling I received a shot of epinephrine, after an IV bag of steroids to try and halt my swelling. I spent Wednesday night at my parents' house once again trying to figure out what it was that had set off this reaction. Turns out it wasn't the new apartment because again around 3am this morning I found myself asking my mother to use her master bedroom tub in order to take an oatmeal bath (those things feel so wonderful on burning skin!) to soothe the rash that had appeared all over my back, arms, and legs. This morning we went to the allergist hoping for some answers. The answers I got were interesting and not what we expected. The theory as of now is that I am actually allergic to a medication that my dermatologist had prescribed for me a month or so ago, when I had developed a cough and this past week had just been when my body and decided it couldn't fight off the infection as well anymore and I kinda exploded in hives. Tonight, I'm back in the apartment (much to my apartment mate's relief) and only have a few markers left of the hives and swollen hands since I stopped taking the medication this morning and went on some pretty heavy steroids to get whatever it is out of my system.
Now, add this to the fact that my boss is gone until Monday and I have picked up a few of her clients and you can probably guess at my current stress level :P. Actually, it's not that bad. I'm not too concerned and I am looking forward to a full day with hopefully a nice run (sadly still inside since Wisconsin weather is being stupid) or at least workout tomorrow.
Anywho, this apartment is really quite awesome and I can't wait to share it with you all! We even have a washer and dryer and dishwasher in the actual room!!! I can't wait to get cooking and decorate this place! Not to mention, there is a Michaels about two blocks down and an Ottos not even 5 minutes away by car, AND a Half-Price Books maybe 10-15 minutes away by car! We picked a nice area! The 15 minute straight shot drive to work is just an added bonus!

How have your weekends been going, dear friendly readers?

Sara :)

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