Thursday, April 24, 2014

IDEA Fitness Journal

My boss (who hates when I call her my boss) gets a journal every few months called IDEA Fitness Journal. After she reads through it, she is nice enough to let me look through it as well. I've been a CPT for almost 5 months now and I've learned a lot just through experience, so when we are told that experience is the best teacher, it's honestly true!

Anyways, this Journal is interesting because it is written for CPTs and Fitness Studio/Gym owners. There are articles in here about all sorts of things from nutrition to group exercise to senior fitness and just about everything in between. For instance, in the April 2014 issue (which I am currently going through) a few of the articles include "Health Profiles of Extreme Marathoners" and "Personal Training for Tennis Players", along with an article about how important post-workout rest is called "Recovery: The Rest of the Story", even personal trainers are allowed our little puns! But one of my favorite parts of this Journal is how it introduces new ideas (well, at least new to me) in the form of exercises, training methods, as well as nutrition. Below is pictured an article from last year about a food called Freekeh or Freikeh or Farik (depending where you look), which I had never heard of before and found it very interesting Stay tuned for possible recipes later on!

I haven't done much journal reading since college simply due to the fact that these articles cost money and that is not exactly something I have a plethora of currently. However, whenever I get my hands on any sort of Journal of this sort, I get this old excitement in my gut that I'm going to learn something good. Yea, I'm a bit of a nerd here, but I'm proud of it and I love that there is always more to learn no matter what field I'm reading up on! What types of reading do you do for your career?

Sara :)

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