Monday, September 24, 2012

Musica Monday

There are so many songs out there about being unhappy with love. It's a little annoying, I mean even when I'm unhappy in love I still want to hear about being happy in love or falling in love, isn't that the best part? I found a song that really is more what I'm looking for here about falling in love, or thinking about someone you are falling in love with. This is how I interpret the song, not how it might be interpreted by others, just by me! I wanted to share this song called "Making Me Fall" by Moya. Not to mention that her look is really adorable!

Enjoy! Also take time to surf YouTube every once in a while, cause you never know what you might find! Such as this that I found a few days ago!
Happy Monday!
Have a great week my friends!
Sara :)

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