Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Possible New Training Goal?

Alright, so I got through my first 5K (woo!), I have another one to run this upcoming weekend for Homecoming and I'm working on getting my time better for this one. But what next? I was talking with a friend when I ran across an article on Pinterest of The 21 Most Incredible Themed Races. We were both looking at these, I have wanted to do the color run since last year when another friend and I tried to sign up only to find that the tickets were sold out within a week of them going on sale! Crazy! We know better for this time, so we are gonna hopefully try again and see how it goes this time!
However, my friend pointed out the Tough Mudder. I have heard about these races and they look scary intense but pretty awesome at the same time! So, we looked up dates and there's a race in Wisconsin next September, our goal is to get in good enough shape to possibly participate in this Tough Mudder race next summer. Wish us luck!
I will try and keep updated with my progress and how close we are both getting to being able to run this obstacle course.
Happy Wednesday!
Sara :)

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