Sunday, September 30, 2012

Things to Take Advantage of for a Workout

1- There's a workout facility. This can be the trail through the woods, a sidewalk in a busy city, a quiet country road, or an actual gym. You can find a gym anywhere if you just lace up your shoes and step out that door.

2- Women's workout shorts don't tend to have pockets. Take advantage of that, don't bring your phone if you are going in a group unless you can use it for timing or to track your mileage. If you don't need it for your run font being it, it's amazing how much stress can go away if you leave the electronics at home!

3- There's no service if you run outside. Seriously, if there is it probly won't be as good, so use your iphone or whatnot to track your running or listen to music/books-on-tape/whatever keeps you going, but don't do any more than that! If you do it's just a waste of time I think.

4- Make it a group activity. Running with friends will encourage you to keep going and can actually increase your speed/distance over time. I find that talking every once in a while with the person/people I am running with helps both me and them to keep their minds off any hard work.

5- There's always inspiration. I've heard so many times from people who are lacking in motivation to find a reason to workout, or a reason to get up and do something. Just look pretty much anywhere and you can see inspiration for getting a fit body, not skinny as in skin and bones, but healthy and fit, which I have heard is the new skinny.

Alright, that's what I have for you for today. More will come later, I apologize for the slow and lack of posts currently, it has been my busiest week/weekend at school yet and it will only get more busy :P but I will do my best to keep the posts coming! I promise!

I also didn't get the chance to climb this weekend :( due to working for 6 hours straight instead, which sadly took up the time I usually spend climbing to get food and go to work. Hopefully that will start again this weekend or sometime soon!

I do have a bike ride coming up next weekend: The Apple Affair, in Galesville, WI. My grandparents are from there and we try and head up there for this big bike ride every fall that we get the chance to! This will be my first time going in quite some time, so I will update on how that goes this Saturday. The ride is Saturday, starting between 8-9am. Wish me luck!

Have a great week! October starts tomorrow!!! Crazy how fast this year has gone...
Sara :)

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