Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Tis the season for more stressing! Well, kinda, I mean for a college kid the most stressful time is the whole final exam time and such, but right now is kinda stressful too. Anywho, I was browsing pinterest (cause I was totally not procrastinating....) and i came across this little lit of this to do in order to stress less, I thought "Hey! This could be useful!" So, I wrote them all down and have them taped to the back board of my desk so I can see them, which is nice.
Here is the list that I found along with a few of my own and some comments/thoughts on a few of them!

Stress Less
1-Dance it out! Get your moves ready for hitting the dance floor this weekend! Not to mention you burn calories too :P
2-Go for a walk/run! Get your mind off whatever is stressing you and release some endorphins (they make you happy!)
3-Take an early lunch! Again to get your mind off of whatever is stressing you out so much, eat outside if it's nice (especially in fall right now, it's so pretty outside!)
4-Talk about it! You'd be amazed how many people can probably sympathize with you or who can at least provide advice or a shoulder to scream into :)
5-Breathe! It is essential for survival and also can help you to  relax your muscles, remember: in through the nose and out through the mouth.
6-Go to bed earlier! This is not always possible, but when it is TAKE ADVANTAGE!! You will love yourself later on!
7-Focus on what you can control! So you can't control that the refs in last night's Packers game were stupid, all you can do is concentrate on making dinner or getting the kids ready for school (you have control over that).
8-Reminisce about good times! Remember your first kiss, or when you met your one person or when you get mail at college :D Think about things that made you happy and most likely they will make you happy again!
9-Ask for a hug! Sometimes that's all we need, and who knows maybe that other person could also use a hug?
10-Look for opportunities in life's challenges! So your boss is being hard on you? Well, beef up and show him/her that you can handle it, impress them and it will help you too!
11-Go let out your stress with a good workout! If you want to punch something, preferably make it a punching bag and not an actual person (unless karate or something of the sort is on your schedule)!
12-Join a group exercise class! Zumba can always put me in a better mood, I know I'm not that coordinated but hey, it's another way to do #1: Dance it out! Plus you look pretty good and will get better over time (even if it takes a long time....I'm still working on that!).
13-Smile! This is something that people forget to do. Even if you smile just a few times each day, if will help, smiling a genuine smile can help not just you but people around you. And don't doubt that people can't tell if your smile is genuine or not cause most people can!

Well that's all I got for now folks :) I hope to update again later this week!
Try to stay less stressed and remember to have fun with life! It's the only life we got right now, so take advantage of it!
Sara :)

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