Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Book Book Books!

So, I haven't been good at this whole updating process, and I know that, and I'm truly sorry. I've been getting all my summer things in order, including a new job as a caregiver four days a week, an interview next week for a barista position (which I'm kinda hoping for just because it's out of the house/area and it's at Barnes & Noble!!) which could be fun, volunteering at least two days a week at the YMCA, having a social life, and trying to figure out how to exercise with a broken foot. Not to mention I've been reading. A lot. By that I mean I've finished two books since I last had a book post and have started another (I'm getting pretty far into it too).
I finished that fantasy book I was talking about before, Green Rider by Kristin Britain and have since found the second book in the series which I plan on starting pretty soon, called First Rider's Call. I really enjoyed this book and I highly encourage anyone who enjoys fantasy or adventure books to read it. I couldn't put it down.
The second book that I finished was Heat Wave by Richard Castle. This one had all the hype of being from a tv show ('Castle') only for me to learn that it pretty much is the tv show only with more sex... I wasn't a big fan of this, and probably will not be picking up the next one.
I started The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum. I'm about 70 pages in and I'm loving it so far! One of my favorite parts is that I can learn some phrases in different languages as the book progresses. So far, I've learned a few French and German phrases, or at least I looked up what the phrases mean on Google Translate :P
What have you been reading lately?
Whenever I think of reading I remember a quote from a childhood series that says: "reading is the magic key that takes you where you want to be." For me at least, this is true :)
Sara :)

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