Friday, June 7, 2013

DIY Paper Flag

My family and I have been members at the YMCA for years. Today was my first day volunteering for them this summer. Last summer, I had an internship with them where I learned about how a YMCA is run and what goes on in the different areas. Every summer, our Y has a golf outing fundraiser that attracts some of the biggest donors of the year. This year I'm helping out with some of the prep work. For instance, this craft that I'm showing today is actually meant for the auction.
I really enjoy arts and crafts time, so this project was actually a lot of fun for me :P Ready?

-shaped sheets of paper, 2 for each flag (I had triangle, but any shape will work)
-double sided crafting tape (I used Elmers)
-spray on crafting glue
- paint stirring sticks
-some sort of surface that you can get covered in the sticky glue and can throw away later

To start off you're going to want to spray both the inside of one of the halves of the flag, and the side of the stirring stick that will be on the sprayed side of the paper, with the spray on super glue! Then stick the two together, leaving enough of the stick out so that you can hold onto it.

Grab your double sided tape and run the tape as some extra stickage on the paper. Then spray the opposite side of the paint stick where the second piece of paper will go. Press down on the paper and try and get it as even as possible. And...

Tada!! You have yourself a paper flag! These can be used at sporting events (as long as there isn't rain...), auctions, celebrations,  or any other event you can come up with :)
Sara :)

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