Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Favorites: Reasons To Be Fit

For any person looking for reasons to workout, there is a tumblr account called Reasons To Be Fit that can give you over 900 reasons to be fit. Some of these reasons are serious, while others are more fun. I wanted to share with you some of my favorites :) So enjoy! :D

#0021 - to live longer
#0029 - to be able to defend yourself
#0040 - 'cause I like that "HELL YEAH!" feeling after finishing a tough workout
#0052 - because what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
#0080 - to be comfortable enough to run in only a sports bra and shorts
#0100 - to outrun the zombies
#0117 - to prove to yourself that you can do it
#0233 - 'cause weight lifting makes me feel like the Incredible Hulk; OOHRAH!
#0390 - to know that if it came down to it, you could win the Hunger Games
#0453 - to begin my training as a ninja
#0547 - because I want to deserve my shower
#0674 - because running is cheaper than therapy
#0897 - to release stress and re-find myself
#0928 - because kicking ass is more gratifying than kissing it
#0944 - to be ready for a whole lot of running when the doctor chooses me as his next companion

I didn't get all the pictures but I think that this is enough to get my point. If you need a reason to get fit, or are running low on motivation lately, check this out, it has some great points!
Also! You should all check out my new fitness blog called Backup Fitness when you get the chance :) thanks!!

Sara :)

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