Monday, June 3, 2013

Mason Jar French Press

For anyone who has one some crafting or canning in the past, you know what a mason jar is. They are wonderful. They are thick and make of great cups, candle holders, canning jars, and even soap dispensers! But a company in Portland, Oregon, called Bucket, has created a new use for these jars: as a french press coffee maker. Bucket is a mission "to create smart, sustainable products that are designed and manufactured responsibly". Take a look at this video for an explanation presented by the founders of Bucket.

Also, be proud of me because I embedded that on my own! Well, more like I copy and pasted the video  code into the html, but still i'm proud that I knew what to do! :P

Anyways, you can get one of these Portland Presses for a backing of $99. This may seem like a lot for a french coffee press, but then as yourself where it's coming from, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee, plus it's locally manufactured and sustainable. Is it worth it to you? If yes, then help them at Crowd Supply, similar to Kickstarter. I'm sure that they would seriously appreciate it! And honestly, it's for coffee, which is pretty awesome to begin with!

Now, as you should know, I don't get paid to do these types of ads, so when I put of an ad or try and promote something it's because I truly want to support it! So, don't think of this as a way to get me money, but as way of helping out someone else!

Sara :)

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