Monday, July 29, 2013

Musica Monday

Have you seen the movie Wreck-It Ralph? If you haven't, drop what you're doing and go watch it NOW!! After you have witnessed the amazingness and cuteness then you can come back and finish my post and listen to the music :) thanks! It is probably one of the cutest movies I have seen in a very long while (other than Despicable Me 2, which you should also go see if its still in theaters). For those of you who have seen it, pit your minds at rest, this is not the first time I've seen this movie, it face the song I've chosen for today was my ring tone until my phone had to be fixed so it worked was being stupid until I fully updated it. As you know from previous posts, not all the music I listen to is in English. I have been listening to Spanish music for years and have gotten into French and Japanese music in the past two years. Today I'm going to be featuring a Japanese song that was used in the movie as a sound track for the game Sugar Rush. Performed by AKB48, the song "Sugar Rush" has become pretty well known, and I will admit that it is one of my favorite songs on the soundtrack (which I did actually buy!) other than Rihanna's "Shut Up and Drive".
AKB48 is classified as J-pop. Japanese pop, or J-pop, which is a musical genre beginning in the 1990s in Japan, has become an integral part of Japanese culture and is featured in much of their culture both in video games and anime as well as on television and some news stations. J-pop has become an international concept in the past decade or so with the introduction of more and more video games and anime into the United States from Japan featuring this type of music.
Well, I have jumped onto this bandwagon and Wreck-It Ralph has only helped with finding more music in this genre. I hope that you all enjoy this as much as I do. It is an all girl band but I hope that you enjoy and look them up for more songs, they are quite good. I do have another Japanese artist/sensation that I would like to share with you later when I get around to it, so look for that in the future!

Love you all!
Sara :)

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