Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bike, Books, and Cat

So I've been a little lacking on the blogging part of my life. For this I apologize, but life has been happening as of late, what can I say? 
Anyways, today I brought out my bike for the first time! Pumped up the tires and took my TREK out on the road. Literally. Riding on the road is so much more fun :3 I rode down to the public library to return some books and to get something for me to read at night. To explain, I try and read either poem, a short story, or a chapter from a cute story. I found the third today! After the Fall is a short novel by Victoria Roberts about a family living in a million dollar house, only to wake up one morning with all their stuff and themselves living in Central Park! I really couldn't turn this down when I read the summary!

Look how cute that cover is!!

I also wanted to include a few pictures of my cat, Dorito. He's a crazy can and I'm really gonna miss him when I move, but I do hope to get my own pet then :D
Enjoy the pics of Dorito and my hairbrush...

Love you all!!
Sara :)

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