Saturday, July 27, 2013

Purchase from Amazon

I officially have a job as of now (yay!), it's not exactly what I've been wanting, but I won't complain too much because I've been trying to find another and it's quite difficult to get hired around here apparently... Anyways, it's an income. I made my first purchase of things I don't need but really want this past week and I wanted to share with you these things! I should add that both of these purchases are from Amazon.

The first thing I got was a complete set of the six movie series starting in 1934 called The Thin Man. I saw this movie for the first time this past semester and loved it! I would encourage all of you who enjoy witty banter, mystery, and humor to watch at least the first in this series. That's my favorite one! I also got an extra DVD in the set which is one where the dynamic relationship between the two main characters (who are Mr. and Mrs. Nick and Nora Charles) and follows the careers of each actor. Loving this set, it was worth the purchase!


The second item I purchased was a espresso maker. I have a close friend back at college who used this to make some espresso over the past semester and when it was done right and with good beans, it was quite delicious. It's a simple little device that simply requires you to put water in the bottom and then add a little funnel with coffee grinds. The top section is added next, and acts as a sort of teapot, holding the hot coffee mixture. Once together, the pot is placed on the stove and as the water boils it absorbs the coffee grinds and somehow makes its way all the way up to the top part where you will end up with your coffee! It's it cute! It's pretty handy :)
Now, anyone who knows me knows that I wasn't a big coffee drinker before college and I'm still not really big on it now. But when it' made right it can be delicious, plus I was watching Brunch with Bobby, on Cooking Channel, and he had a recipe that involved using this to make lattes and mochas, which in my opinion also made this a worthy purchase. Once I get around to giving this a try I will let you know how it ends up going!


What do you guys think? Any suggestions for other things to save up for? I am saving up to move out of my parents' basement hopefully within the next 6-8 months also, so that will be exciting once it happens!
Sara :)

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