Monday, November 11, 2013

Musica Monday

It snowed!! Yea, it's later than it usually does in Minnesota (where I've heard it's already snowing), but I'm back in Wisconsin right next to Lake Michigan again this year, so we got our first snow today. It was more like a dusting of snow that froze all the water that came from the rain and required a brushing off one side of the car with a hand quick. But there is something about the first snow of the season that, no matter how early, gets me kinda excited. I think it's because snow usually comes with much happier times, with the holidays approaching and such, but I'm not sure, it is a little early for snow....I mean, we haven't had Thanksgiving yet! Bother....such is life in the midwest!

Now I couldn't find a good video for the song today, but I thought that it would be appropriate :) It's called "First Snow" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Enjoy!

Sara :)

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