Monday, November 18, 2013

Musica Monday

Sometimes all you want to do after a long day of works listen to some calming music that will not put you to sleep. I started my second job as a personal trainer today (more I shadowed for five hours, and learned quite a bit about what I need to do when I get certified) after working this morning at my current job as a direct care professional. Yea, between the two jobs I worked 14 hours today, so, it has been a long day for me. On the plus side, more working means more money which means I can move out sooner! I'm looking forward to this because I really want to be out of my own, which I have discussed before so I won't get into that right now. Anyways, the song that I am sharing today is called "Big Talker" by These Modern Socks. Look them up! Enjoy, friends!

Sara :)

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