Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Break Fun

Hey folks!
I'm back! I hope you enjoyed Matt's post, it is my hope that he will be posting every once in a while here, because he has some good ideas!
This past weekend I did spend with Matt which was a lot of fun! It was one of his first times in Minneapolis in quite a while being here and I was determined to show him a fun time. Now I'm not exactly the party girl that many college students are, my idea of a good time is hanging out and going to different sites in the city (which I really haven't seen so that was really awesome!). I picked up my boy (Matt) from the Megabus stop Friday afternoon, and we had dinner with one of my friends from college at the Mall of America (MOA). We ended up hanging out around MOA for a while just looking around at all the stores, it was a nice way to relax after a long week for me at school.

Since Matt had never actually seen my school, I took him down to St Olaf on Saturday and we spent the day there looking at the buildings and had a good time. I was able to show him where my classes were and where I lived. We had lunch on campus at the Cage and then dinner at Perkins (a great place for a fun and casual dinner date!). It was wonderful to be able to show him my world!

On Sunday we visited the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. This was my first time ever being there so it was very cool for me! These pictures are from our trip there, and the ones near the end are of the park that are across the bridge from the Sculpture Garden.

This is my favorite picture of us right now!

We were being silly here and it was quite a lot of fun once we figured out how to do it!

Yes, this guy is actually feeding the squirrels! It was pretty sweet! Even though it was cold outside and many of the plants in the garden were dead, we found some flowers that were still fighting the cold and leaving us with some pretty fall colors and warm feelings :).

Monday was a day of realizing that not everything goes your way, but changes ensued and it happens and we have fun. I learned today that Matt and I can find something fun to do no matter what the circumstances are and it's a big part of our relationship, we are able to communicate and have fun! Anyways, on Monday, we attempted to go to the Minneapolis Institute of Art because we thought it was be interesting. However, it was closed (not a normal thing for it to be closed on a Monday, but it was closed). This created a bit of a predicament for us and we ended up wandering around the Minneapolis area and getting lost several times, ending up in Franklin where we found a neat park and hung out there for a while, enjoying the fall colors (sorry about no pictures but we left phones in the care and I forgot my camera :( mea culpa!). We finally decided we should actually go to dinner, we splurged and went to Olive Garden. We had a glass of wine, which was surprisingly very very good, and had a lovely dinner! We then decided to finish off the night by heading back to MOA and going on the rides. We were so stuffed that we weren't sure if we could actually go on the rides without getting sick, but we did! It was a blast to be able to go on so many rides indoors at a mall with someone as enthusiastic as I was! I also had a nutella crepe, which if you haven't had it is a MUST TRY!!!

This concluded our wonderful weekend. I hope that there will be more weekends to share later on, but for now it's back to the reality of classes for me and job searches for Matt.

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend! Any upcoming plans to share? What was one of your favorite fun trips with a good friend or special someone? Care to share? I love stories and I'd love to hear yours!
Thanks all for continuing to read here, my few readers :P, tell your friends!
Sara :)

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