Wednesday, October 24, 2012

iPhone Fitness Apps

So I got an iPhone not tooling ago and I have been playing with different apps to find ones that I would use and that are pretty interesting and fun for me. I have the usuals like twitter and Facebook and instagram. But I've also found some others that aren't quite as big as these. This post will concentrate on the fitness ones that I have found as of now.

First, Charity Miles. This app seems to be growing in popularity and for a good reason! It takes the miles that you run, walk, or bike and turns it into a donation to one of several listed charities, such as Every Mother Count, Autism Speaks, Feeding America, the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, World Food Programme, ASPCA, The Nature Conservancy, Pencils of Promise, Habitat for Humanity, Achilles International, and The Global Fund. For each mile walked or run Charity Miles will donate approximately 50 cents to one of these charities, and will donate 25 cents for each mile ridden on bikes. This app is pretty good, and the intent is there. My only criticism is that it isn't exact, it tends to underestimate how far you run or walk, so you will most likely have to walk or run farther than  one mile in order for it to say that you made a mile. Otherwise, this is a good app for keeping track of how far you might want to run!

Second, Strava Run and Strava Cycling. These are two separate apps that I really enjoy and really like using. It uses the GPS in your iPhone to follow around where you run both outside and inside (sadly it's not so good with stairs), the measurements of these two apps are ones that I completely trust and I do use them as my way of accurately measuring how far I have run or biked in the given time. This app also gives averages, and for running it gives each times for each mile ran. I do enjoy this app and the accuracy that it provides. These are ones that I highly recommend!

Third, Sworkit. Are you looking for a quick 5 minute strength workout for your arms? Or a 45 minute full yoga sequence? This is a good app for you! Sworkit takes several different moves that work for the area you want to work and then putting it into a random sequence. There are many good moves for each area of your body and you can choose to work your full body if that's what you want for up to 60 minutes. The thing that I'm not a big fan of for this app is that it doesn't show you how switch to each move, and doesn't allot you time to switch. But it still works well and I would suggest it.

As far as other apps go, I will keep exploring and try to update you when I find others that I enjoy! But these are the ones that I use most often, and the ones that I would suggest.
Happy Hump Day!
Sara :)

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