Tuesday, October 16, 2012

If Only....Feeling Wintery Warmness

Alright, call me a slight whimp but the weather here in Minnesota is getting colder. Like in the 40s (degrees F). So I'm starting to look at warm clothing, and with this whole fitness thing being a common theme, where else to look than Athleta?! Also, sorry it's been a long time since I've done one if these!
I'm gonna start with jackets and vests, because they are the ones that I wish I could have because they are so comfy looking and cute all in one!

One of my current favorites is called the Switchback Jacket, which is a fleece version of the classic pea coat. Wearing it with a cute gray knitted had and some mittens and scarf I think it would be quite adorable! I especially like this blue color, which they call "Night Blue", but the Asphalt color is a close second in my opinion!

This is the Himalaya Vest, it also comes in a pretty adorable Olive Heather color, but I like this color because it's more matchy to the clothing I have currently. This was inspired for hiking and climbing, and what Athleta calls: Adventure Travel. It's a lightweight, warm fleece vest that is again, machine washable! Another article that I hope to gain at some point since I do travel and travels are always quite adventurous! 

Of corse I can't get new winter wear without getting a new running jacket, especially from a place such as Athleta! The Interval Jacket is a perfect example. This jacket is not only super cute, but is water and wind resistant, which is a big help in winter. I mean just because it's winter is no reason for us to all stop running outside, especially since it's so pretty outside, just keep working on it!

Well, that's what I have for you today. I'm sorry that I have been super slow lately about putting up posts, but school has been pretty busy and I was sick for a while :(. I'm much better now and I hope to continue with more posts....soon! :P
Have a wonderful weekend! It's already Fall Break here, meaning I had Saturday through Tuesday off of school for expeditions around the twin cities! Wish me luck, I'll post pictures once I have some later :)
Sara :)

P.S. Athleta has just opened a new store up at Mall of America! I've been in there and it's super nice to be able to see the cloths that before I had just seen online, it's a very nice looking store, so you should all check it out :)

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