Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Where Have I Been?

That, dear friends, is a very good question. Where to start...well, as you may have heard I'm in my senior year of undergrad at St Olaf College, so I guess my simple answer is that I've been there. I've had papers, a test, group projects, and am currently starting a history research paper (which you will probly hear about from time to time throughout the semester since its due at the end of the semester with sections due throughout the next few months) on the training of the Nazi SA soldiers...oh I should mention this is for a class called History of the Holocaust. It's actually super interesting. I just hope that I can do well on it.
Yet, I can't say just at school, because I also just finished the first break of the year: Fall Break. Where did I spend that you might ask (or might not, I'm just being theoretical here), well I spent it exploring the twin cities (mostly Minneapolis) with some crazy awesome people! This trip update will come with pictures (from the phone because everyday I left my camera in my bag at the hotel...oops!). We visited the sculpture gardens, the Mall of America, and attempted to visit the Minneapolis Art Institute but it ended up being closed so we went to the park and went of driving adventures (meaning got lost due to me not having extra 3G to use for figuring out our way around but we survived! And had a blast!).
Hopefully I will have some pictures up tomorrow, when I can because the Sculpture Garden is a really neat place to see! And I like sharing pictures :D I also do encourage you to check out my pictures that I post on instagram!
Alright, that's my update for now :)
Have a wonderful day!
Sara :)

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