Thursday, October 18, 2012

Food for Thought - Skyfall

     Hello fellow readers, today I have been graciously invited to write up a post on the backup zone.  Looking through the history of the blog, there has been a tradition of Musica Monday's.  And although not every one has been on a Monday, they do tend to bring you readers some interesting and hopefully very fun and thoughtful music.  So I said hell, why not jump on the train.  My first guest post is going to be mostly about music, and in this case, the song Skyfall.
     So November 9th is Skyfall's release date, opening up another door in the long line of bond movies that started in 1962 with Dr. No.  Seems like so much has changed since then, but even back in the 60's that same bond theme that we all know was around and sounded like this:

     The bond theme never really changed much, and still gives the same chills it probably gave back in the day. (Not sure if I am really old enough to use that saying, but I will give it a shot.)  And starting from Dr No, the music in the bond universe has grown immensely over the 20 some movies produced.  The bond movies have used many various artists and motifs through their history, and this finally leads me to today's song, Skyfall.  

     This song features the popular Adele, showcasing her in the type of music that I feel she is at home.  Her voice just has that great range and interesting sound that just seems to mesh perfectly with the classy background that is very popular in bond movies.  It took me a few listens through the song to really get into it, but now I think it will be a great song to be played over the credits of the movie.  It could end up being like the movie Tron, where the majority of the audience watched the credits just to listen to music.  But I want to hear what you guys think, you be the judge.  Is this song a hit or a miss?  Should I do more guest posts? Did you like this topic? I am going to say its a hit, and I can't wait to see the new movie!

Thanks for reading everybody, and enjoy the day!

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