Saturday, September 28, 2013

Books Books Books: Flying Too High (Phryne Fisher #2)

A few weeks ago I put up a post about finishing a book called Cocaine Blues which was the first in a series that I quickly became a big fan of! Well, in continuation I finished the second book during my most recent overnight shift for work. This one was called Flying Too High and in my opinion really held up to the standard set by the first book. Not only did the story continue, but Miss. Fisher was back to solving mysteries, actually solving two of them in the same night in this book! Here's my official review for this book:

"A charming story with twists and turns, our female Sherlock Holmes returns, with her classy, patient, and sexy attitude. Only this time, she is solving not one, but two mysteries at once and of corse knows exactly what to do. Miss Fisher really is not scared to get down and dirty in this book, even if that means sleeping with an artist and walking on the wing of a flying airplane! I will be getting the third book at the next opportunity! She keeps me interested and on the edge of my seat throughout the story."

Yes, this is one series that I would love to continue reading and that I may even consider purchasing in the future. Imagine that! The next in the series is called Murder on the Ballarat Train. Next time I'm at the library I will pick it up assuming that my library has it :P
Happy reading!

Sara :)

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