Sunday, September 29, 2013

Movie Fun Facts: 'The Thin Man' (1934)

Going through my older posts I realized that I haven't had a movie post all summer! Now, that's not to say that I haven't been watching movies, because I have! More it's saying that I haven't been watching any movies that I felt needed to be commented on. I prefer to blog on older movies, not the ones that I see in theaters as well as not the cartoon ones. Currently, I am working my way through the 'Thin Man' series which consists of six movies all starring William Powell and Myrna Loy, who are amazing actors.
It was actually in the movie I will discuss today that Myrna Loy got her name for being a strong female supporting role, as Powell calls her his lanky woman with a wicked jaw, which because the type of character she played. William Powell was already known as a great actor to play detectives in movies with his role as Philo Vance in 'The Canary Murder Case' (1929), "The Greene Murder Case' (1929), 'The Benson Murder Case' (1930), 'Paramount on Parade' (1930), and 'The Kennel Murder Case' (1933). The 'Thin Man' series ended up being six movies long, however it started out as a 'B list' movie, meaning it was good but was thought to only get 'B' ratings. Even more interesting is that the film was shot in only two weeks!
One of my favorite fun facts about this movie is the title itself. It is commonly thought that the title 'Thin Man' refers to Mr Charles, the detective, played by William Powell. However, this name referred to the murdered victim found in the first film. Yet, because people kept referring to Mr Charles as the 'Thin Man' the name was kept in the following films.
If you are looking for a great movie for a movie night, pick up this mystery to entertain you. If it's not the mystery you're into, that's fine! This movie also provides great satire and wonderful, witty dialogue between our two main characters. All in all, there is something in this movie for everyone, even a little gang action every once in a while, not to mention Asta, the wonderful police dog!

Sara :)

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