Saturday, September 14, 2013

Reasons Why I'm A Geek 2

I know I'm a geek this time because when I'm sitting alone all night not sleeping I turn on SyFy channel and my favorite shows to watch are Face-Off and Heroes of Cosplay.
Face-Off, for those of you who don't watch the SyFy channel, Face-Off is a contest show that reminds me very much of Project Runway. It involves contestants who are competing for the best new creature creation. The last two episodes I saw were as follows. The first required two larger teams of artists who had to work together to create creatures of a different world, but separately in order to create five total creatures. They then used real models in order to bring their characters to life (pretty sweet!). The secon episode required groups of three to create the famous pair: Frankenstein's monster and bride in a modern sense. Both of these characters were then required to be made using models. This show was like Project Runway only SyFy style :D

Heroes of Cosplay really opened my eyes as to the seriousness of Cosplay. I've considered doing Cosplay in the past and have been seriously considering it in recent weeks and months. Being in Wisconsin it does seem to be a bit hard, but it sounds like the big thing is to go where the people are  who you have things in common with. I've learned so much: the fact that there are contests for best costumes, it's best to go all out and do a lot of work because it will pay off, for some people it's about sex appeal, for others it's not at all, the art is super important just as much as being in character, and so many more things! If I were to Cosplay I think right now I'd probably Cosplay the Bea Rabbit from Pandora Hearts, cause she's awesome! But I'm also learning how much I don't know about anime and manga and comics. So I'm working on that :P

This is fun so I hope you enjoyed reading about these shows and that you give them a chance, even if only from an artistic standpoint!

Sara :)

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