Monday, September 23, 2013

Musica Monday/Cheap Find

So, yesterday I stated that I picked up a few CDs at Half-Price Books while I was there, and as I claimed I will be sharing some of those here. Today's musica for instance is from said collection of CDs. Sick of Sarah is an indie rock/power pop band founded in Minneapolis, MN (yay!) back in 2005. They are an all girl band, which isn't a common occurrence (yet, two of the five CDs I picked up were all girl bands...), and I have become a fast fan of their music. It reminds me of Tegan and Sara, Paramore, with a touch of Avril Lavigne in the music video I'm going to show you. Oh! Fun fact: apparently the name for the band came from the lead singer's old roommate, who used to say that she was sick of her own name, Sarah. I thought it was interesting and kinda funny :P
The songs that I have chosed to leave for your guys' enjoyment are 'Kick Back' of which I'm really a fan of the beat and the video and 'Giving Up' because I really love the music, lyrics, and the video! Enjoy my friends!!

I also want to use this as a way to give a shout out to other stores similar to Half-Price Books for having all these unique artists who aren't quite as mainstream but have good music and these stores sell them at a really low price!! I got this CD for $1!!!

Sara :)

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