Sunday, September 22, 2013

Half-Price Books

I have a problem. I can't go into a bookstore and come out empty handed. If I do it's because I don't have any money or they don't have anything I haven't gone through. Half-Price Books is not helpful with that. It doesn't have to be just books either: I'm a sucker for cheap/discount books and music.
For instance, today at Half-Price Books I bought one book and 5 CDs (some of which, if not all, will be featured on my musica Mondays at some point). The book is "Emily and Einstein" by Linda Francis Lee. The CDs are: "Black is Beautiful" by Rolling Blackouts, "Fast Too Slow" by Samsara, "Falling Uphill" by Lillix, "2205" by Sick of Sarah, and These Modern Socks. All of these for under $9!! This is why whenever I go there I come back with a bag of things and significantly less money. I was talking to the cashier about this and he said that there's a reason why the employees are for the most part former customers. It is defiantly a place where a book or music lover could spend quite a long time :D myself included!
Where do you guys like to go for cheap finds? What was your last Half-Price haul?

Sara :)

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